14: Back to School during COVID with Chanel Smith

Torrey is back on air with his wife and co-host, Chanel to talk about COVID and going back to school. Torrey and Chanel, a former teacher, break down the pros and cons of the in-person, remote, and hybrid learning approaches schools are undertaking.


06: Being a Sports Parent with Chanel Smith

In this episode, Torrey is re-joined by his wife and co-host, Chanel Smith to talk about being a sports mom and sports dad. They discuss the important role sports play in their children’s lives, cultivating a work ethic, and how they have different styles of coaching and parenting young athletes.


04: My NFL Draft Experience with Chanel Smith

On this episode of Trending Thoughts, Torrey and Chanel think back on their experience going through the NFL draft process and reminisce on the preparation, training, and anxiety that came with getting drafted into the league. As we celebrate the draft together this week, Torrey and Chanel remember the beginning of their journey in the NFL.


03: Top 10 Teammates I Ever Played With

In this episode of Trending Thoughts, Torrey responds to the recent trending conversation that was ignited on twitter when he discussed the top 5 players he has ever played with. There was a lot of fun conversation discussing the legends that different players got to play with. Torrey shares some of the best responses, plus he gives the top 10 teammates he got the opportunity to play with. 


01: I’m Retired. Now What?

In this pilot episode of Trending Thoughts, Torrey explains what led to his retirement, what he’s been up to since leaving the field, and the big plans he has for this show and his media platform post-football. 


00: Welcome to Trending Thoughts with Torrey Smith

Welcome to Trending Thoughts with Torrey Smith. Each episode, we’ll take a look at trending topics from the perspective of the two-time Super Bowl champion. 

Stay tuned for episode 1 dropping soon!