23: The Divisional Round, What’s next for the Ravens, and arguing the GOAT with TJ Smith

On this week’s episode of Trending Thoughts, Torrey and producer Adam are joined by a special guest, Torrey’s son TJ! Together they discuss the Ravens’ exit from the playoffs, the matchup between Brady and Brees, the Chiefs gutsy play-calling with a backup quarterback and who is the GOAT.

Highlights from this week’s conversation:

  • The significance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy (2:32)
  • Breaking down the Ravens’ loss and how they can improve next year (3:38)
  • Thoughts from the other divisional games and Brees’ decision to retire (8:33)
  • Dealing with concussions like Mahomes (16:04)
  • Analyzing the championship game match-ups (21:17)
  • Being the GOAT vs. being the best (25:00)
  • Coaching moves in the NFL (31:06)
  • Predictions for this weekend’s games (35:28) 

About Trending Thoughts:

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