01: I’m Retired. Now What?

In this pilot episode of Trending Thoughts, Torrey explains what led to his retirement, what he’s been up to since leaving the field, and the big plans he has for this show and his media platform post-football. 

2x Super Bowl Champion Torrey Smith has officially made the transition from on the field to behind the mic on this debut episode of his brand new podcast. On the show, Torrey delves into a bunch of topics, including: 

  • When he knew it was time to leave the field for the final time (7:00)
  • The truth about how he felt playing in Philly with Carson Wentz (9:59)
  • What’s next for his career and ambition (14:30)
  • Torrey’s Take: on COVID-19 (26:03)

About Trending Thoughts:

Trending Thoughts is a podcast hosted by 2x Super Bowl Champ Torrey Smith that is designed to entertain, spur debate, and to provide new ideas for our community across a variety of topics including sports, news, politics, parenting, and a lot more. Torrey will bring his unique commentary to each episode as we discuss what’s trending, feature guest interviews, and host unique conversations from the casual to the controversial.

Each episode is produced by my partners at HEARD podcasts. You can find out more about their work with me, or discuss a project of your own by visiting www.HEARDpods.com